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Save the Headland: Quandamooka Truth Embassy Update 

22nd February 2021


We are entering the fourth week since the Quandamooka Truth Embassy was established, providing 24 hour protection of this sacred area by Quandamooka people virtuously connected to Country, occupying the site with the overwhelming support of non-indigenous residents.


Here is a wrap up of what's happened so far and details of the formal visits of those who have attended the site to take the time to listen to and speak to recognised Quandamooka Community Elders.


1 February 2021: Truth Embassy established to protect the headland in peaceful protest, 24hrs a day. Set up in preparation to stop the construction due to take place on 3 February 2021 -  building contract was awarded to Victorian company, Kane Constructions.


2 February 2021: Welcome and Smoking Ceremony by Community Elders, Traditional Owners and attended by over 200 supporters both indigenous and non-indigenous at the site location. 


3 February 2021: 

  • Action meeting occurred for peaceful protest and awaited the arrival of contractors.

  • Construction workers and contracted tradies were made aware of the controversy of the unwanted State Government planned development by local residents and its Traditional Owners who permanently reside on Country. Comments were made that they were ‘not aware’ of the controversy surrounding the project.

  •  No construction took place on this day. 


3- 10 February 2021: 

  • Initial and ongoing networking with the community takes place to maintain site and develop roster system for Protectors of the Headland, including night security processes;

  • Mainstream media commence covering the Embassy, extending our message to the national and international community. National interest and support gaining momentum;

  • Woopaburra Elders of Great Keppel Island informed of the commercial exploitation of their totemic yuri. The humpback whale’s skeletal remains were due to be put on public display without permission or following Aboriginal protocol;

  • Elders and Aboriginal community from around Australia begin to reach out and show their support; 

  • Suggestions made that the trades people have since left the island, though this has not been confirmed; 


10 - 17 February 2021:

  • GoFundMe set up to assist with legal costs, which stands at $15,000 to date and rising daily; 

  • Legal representatives engaged - stay tuned for an update on legal action information, we are not yet in a position to release this information publicly;

  • Save the headland petition continues to grow, currently over 35,000;

  • Investigation about ‘independent cultural heritage assessment’ of site commenced; 



 18- 20 February 2021 

  • Still no construction on site to date. No responses from relevant parties.

  • Save the Date: First Community Workshop on site has been confirmed: 

    • Friday 26 Feb at 6pm: Community Movie night (film to be confirmed)

    • Saturday 27 Feb at 4pm: Workshop/Information Session - ‘Ecological Connectedness/ Significance to Country’ with Uncle Brian Coghill


Visitors and Guests registered on site to date: 


  • State Member for Oodgeroo electorate Hon Mark Robinson MP;

  • Terry O'Shane Chairperson of the North Qld Lands Council and delegates of the AMU Australian Maritime Union;

  • 95 enrolled Indigenous Students from QUT's (Qld University of Technology) Oodgeroo Unit;

  • Greens Candidate Ian Mazlin and Secretary, Carmen McNaught;

  • Regular visits from Point Lookout Police Beat and liaisons with Senior Constable Ivan Parsons of QPS;

  • Daily visits and support provided from: 

    • Community Elders, including the oldest living Quandamooka Elder;  

    • Individual Traditional Owners and Quandamooka Common Law Holders;

    • Non-Aboriginal community members from the Island. 


Other recognised support: 

  • Greens MP Mark Bergman;

  • Woppaburra Elders;

  • Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance;

  • Action Ready.


Communications with NO responses to date


We continue to reach out to interested stakeholders to meet with our Elders at the Embassy, however to date, our invitations go unresponded. 


Moving forward: 


We will endeavour to provide weekly updates from the Truth Embassy via social media and email every Sunday night to keep the community and stakeholders informed and up to date with progress on site. You and continue to provide support and stay up to date by: 


And last but not least: 

The Embassy is made possible by all those that have come forward to support in some way - whether you are an individual that comes to check in, bring supplies, or sign up to the roster, or a business that has provided constant support, we would like to thank you all. This journey is not over, and we thank you for your continued support, we are immensely grateful. 

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