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1 July 2020

Despite all of our efforts and objections, the Minister approved the Ministerial Infrastructure Designation put development on the headland. We launched a second petition to repeal the Ministerial Infrastructure Decision. This petition has now closed and received 3,230 signatures. Thank you all for your support.

This petition was supported by the Quandamooka Elders Group, OSPREY (see statement below). 

Original Sovereign People Recognised Elders of Yulu-Burri-Ba (OSPREY)


Statement requesting support to oppose the development of the proposed whale interpretive centre on the Point Lookout Hedland  

OSPREY is the Original Sovereign People Recognised Elders of Yulu-Burri-Ba, made up of Quandamooka Elders from many different Quandamooka families, located on North Stradbroke Island and established in 2018. 


OSPREY endorsed the petition titled ‘Ministerial Infrastructure Designation for the Yalingbila Bibula Whale Interpretive Centre at Point Lookout,’ where Quandamooka Elder, Gary Tippo is the Principal Petitioner. OSPREY oppose the proposed development of a Whale Interpretive Centre on the sacred headland that will house the bones of a whale - which we believe should be returned to the ocean. 


We ask for your support by:

  1. Signing the petition: 

  2. Write to your local State Member, detailing your opposition to the development and ask that they too support this petition.

  3. Like the ‘Save Straddie Rally 2020’ facebook page for future updates about protecting the headland. 


Kind regards, 



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